The SPE Thermoforming Division Board of Directors meets three times annually. The winter and spring board meetings last for three days and consist of an executive committee meeting (day one), technical and other committee meetings (day two) and a half-day board meeting (day three). The fall board meeting is conducted over a two day period: executive committee on day one and technical and communications committees, followed by the board meeting, on day two.

Each director on the SPE Thermoforming Division Board is a member of one of our three technical committees: Materials, Machinery or Processing. SPE Thermoforming Division Members are welcome to attend our technical committee meetings and the board meeting. Board dinners and receptions are also open to visitors and guests. The Executive Committee Meeting is not open to visitors.

For more information about our board meetings, please contact Megan Uphaus at

Fall Board Meeting: October 10-11, Omni Providence Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island