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Third Quarter 2016

In-House Recycling of Polypropylene Films with an Oxygen Scavenger Layer and Their Oxygen Absorption Capacity after Extrusion by Sven Sängerlaub, Daniel Schlemmer & Norbert Rodler, Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV
Packaging material producers are constantly faced with ever increasing demands for cost reduction and higher sustainability. To reach these goals they are supported by the service offer and expertise of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV as a “external research department” of companies. This article deals with a study which was conducted for an industrial consortium. Fraunhofer IVV did extrusion trials and made films for the consortium as a service on its pilot lines. The films were tested (DSC, MFF, color values, oxygen absorption) and suitable methods were developed and provided to them…

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Third Quarter 2016

Innovation Brief: Rim Rolling in Thermoforming
Dexter Mould Technology, Doetinchem, The Netherlands

Rim rolling of thermoformed cups is usually performed in a secondary operation with equipment that is physically located behind the forming and cutting of the cups. To eliminate this secondary stage, dexter Mould Technology has developed a new thermoforming principle to perform the rim rolling action inside the forming mold during the forming cycle. This allows processors to produce rim-rolled cups inside the forming/cutting station of a tilt-mold machine. Each product that is ejected from the cavity is finished and can be stacked and packed. The invention is patented and named as RRIM® – ‘Rim-Rolling-In-Mold’. Due to the nature of the RRIM process, almost any shape (square, oval, triangular) can be produced in addition to standard round products…

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