Quarterly Magazine

First Quarter 2015

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Price Dynamics: How They Affect Plastic Resin Prices, By Phillip Karig, Managing Director, Mathelin Bay Associates LLC, Saint Louis, MO. Crude oil and natural gas prices represent one leg of the “three legged stool” that is a key part of how the absolute price level and the price volatility of plastic resins are determined. Though the three legs are interrelated, each of them can have a disproportionate impact on resin markets at certain times. The three legs are as follows: oil and natural gas prices; supply and demand; and resin inventory levels. Read more

Second Quarter 2015

Developments to Compound PE/PP with Fillers and Extrude Film/Sheet for Thermoforming in One Step, By Charlie Martin, Leistritz, Sommerville, NJ.  Design advancements for high speed, energy input (HSEI) twin screw extruders (TSE’s) offer new opportunities to compound PE and PP with fillers and additives. Historically, this device has produced a pellet that is then fed into an injection molding machine or single screw extruder. It is now common to by-pass pelletization and to directly extrude a film or sheet (or another type of part) for thermoforming in one-step … Read more